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Check out this amazing video recorded and edited by Cameko Sam This has taken him two months of very hard work to make.
I'm so very grateful that he wanted to do this with us and I'm very happy with the result.


:iconsumyuna: as Flemeth.
:iconcaitsith16: as Fenris.
:iconveroes: as Merrill.
:iconzihark-cosplay: as Zevran.
:iconwilbur-kyriu: as Isabela.
:iconsendershiseiten: as Anders.
:iconrunox: as Carver.
:iconwolfenizer: as Hawke.
:iconnebulaluben: as Morrigan.

Btw, belated thanks for all your birthday wishes!! They really warmed my heart :heart:
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This is one of the most amazing videos I've participated in. 
Recorded and edited by Cameko Sam at Expomanga 2014 (Madrid). 


:iconsumyuna: as Flemeth.
:iconcaitsith16: as Fenris.
:iconveroes: as Merrill.
:iconzihark-cosplay: as Zevran.
:iconwilbur-kyriu: as Isabela.
:iconsendershiseiten: as Anders.
:iconrunox: as Carver.
:iconmakacrosswalker: as Bethany.
:iconwolfenizer: as Hawke.
:iconnebulaluben: as Morrigan.

This is only the first Dragon Age video. We recorded another one that is more complicated for Sam to edit, so we'll have to wait a little for it to be released but I'm sure it's gonna be simply incredible.

BTW, I haven't done a proper photoshoot with my Morrigan costume yet, all the pictures I have have been taken very quickly near the con, but I've already set the dates to make it calmly, without the stress of the convention, well rested and with the make up fresh. I can't wait for the day to come!
I must say I'm really happy and proud of my Morrigan cosplay, it seemed to be an easy one, but it's been a challenge to make and I learnt new crafting and sewing stuff during the process. 
Check out my tutorials: 1, 2, 3.

I'm also glad I had the chance to gather with a group of fantastic cosplayers. Some of them live in different cities, it was my first time collaborating with some of them, some others were long-time friends and admired costume makers too. It's been a really nice experience. We had so much fun! We even won the second prize at the cosplay contest!! 

Sooo, stay tuned for more videos, pictures and stupid stuff from me! haha. You know you can catch me in several sites (twitter, facebook, tumblr, blog, instagram), feel free to comment and share!

So long!
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Hey, guys! 
Due to a million reasons, I'm done posting in my old blog. But don't suffer, from now on, I'll be writting in Nebulaluben.
I've exported the entire blog to the new one and it'll be there where I'll write my tutorials and silly stuff from today on. The content is going to be exactly the same from the very beginning and the editorial line (how good sounds this shit) is going to be the same too.
I'll keep on writting on how I make my costumes, my discoveries, fails and starring appearances here and there.

Maya nebulaluben cosplay

I usually write everything in spanish, but, as always, you'll be able to choose your language (thanks to the flaaaaawless google translator tool) by clicking your flag at the top of the blog.

Thanks for your support!
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Maya nebulaluben cosplay

This is our 2013 cosplay recap.
It's been quite a crazy year though we've made less costumes than the last one and Erik had only wore one of them (Zer0). We are very happy with what we've achieved, learnt and created.
Making costumes let us get over our everyday life problems, it brings us happiness and makes us feel fulfilled.

We especially want to thank you all for your support, for your kind comments, your messages (we read them all, although we sometimes don't respond) and for the energy you give to us.
Thanks a lot to our friends, the ones who hang out with us at conventions and photo shoots, who help us, cheer us up and don't stop giving us ideas on what costumes to make and keep us sooo damn bussy!!! You little life suckers XDDD We love you.

We already have some cool cosplay plans for 2014, starting with our Saints Row glowing madness (can't wait!). However, we are trying to take it calmly, with no deadlines and enjoying every piece of the process as we always do (but even more this time).

Have a happy new cosplay year!


1- Maya from Borderlands 2. Picture by AOJ
2- Zer0 from Borderlands 2. Picture by :iconskylinecosplay:
3- Katherine from Catherine. Picture by Jesús Clares Photography.
4- Commander Shepard (casual dress) from Mass Effect 3. Picture by :iconsendershiseiten:.
5- Darksteel Armor from Dragon's Prophet. Picture by Jesús Clares Photography. (Commissioned for Infernum Productions).
6- Cordelia Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw. Picture by Jesús Clares Photography.
7- Lutece Twins from Bioshock Infinite with :iconuldarcross: (Both costumes made by me). Picture by Jesús Clares Photography.
8- Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect 3 wore by Adrian Winters. Picture by Jesús Clares Photography.

Amazing M-23 Katana and Black Widow props from Mass Effect 3 by :iconskullopathy:
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We made it again this year to the Otaku House Cosplay Idol finals!! THANK YOU! 
Now you can enter here and vote up to 4 times for our costumes. Once for each of our 3 cosplay photos, and once for our 'Idol Factor'.

Click either 'like' button or 'Google +1' button on top of the photos to vote!

Tali III by Nebulaluben 
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Hi there everybody!
I'm not used to write about my life here on the DA journals in a blog-like way, but I feel this is a pretty special occasion. As you may have seen, several months ago we made the Dark Steel armor costume from Dragon's Prophet as a commission for Infernum Productions. Well, it turns out they eventually invited me to Gamescom (in Cologne, Germany) along with some great cosplayers! So I'll be attending the convention and I'll wear my armor there, of course!

Dragon's Prophet cosplay

I'll be :twitter: tweeting and uploading lots of pictures to our :facebook:  page. So feel free to follow me and, needless to say, if you're also attending Gamescom, come and say hi!!
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This past weekend we attended the Level Up León convention and we made a new lipdub video with :iconmotoko87: and our friends. 
Once again, we appear in our Lilith and Roland costumes but, this time, we took our Borderlands 1 ones and added the cell shading effect to them. It was super fun!!!  Hope we can make a new cell shaded Borderlands 1 photo shoot. And we also appear with my new Cordelia Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw) and Erik's Soma (God Eater) costumes.

By now, here you are this video. Enjoy!!

This time, it doesn't have so many restrictions, so I hope everyone is able to watch it ^^
Another wonderful photomanipulation by :iconhidrico: (…. Here you are the before and after comparison for you to see the raw image and my costume as it is and the final result. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Maya nebulaluben cosplay

Better quality here: 
Maya - Phaselock 'N Load by Nebulaluben

I also want to take this chance to tell you we have been invited to the Level Up León convention (in León, Spain) this weekend and we are going to give our first pattern design and prop making workshop. Also, Erik is giving a Stage Combat class! Hope we can record it and upload it with subtitles. If you want to stay tuned, you can follow us on :facebook:Nebulaluben & Erikku-kun :D
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Another wonderful photomanipulation by :iconhidrico: (…. Here you are the before and after comparison for you to see the raw image and my costume as it is and the final result. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Maya nebulaluben cosplay

Better quality here: 
Maya - Phaselock 'N Load by Nebulaluben

I also want to take this chance to tell you we have been invited to the Level Up León convention (in León, Spain) this weekend and we are going to give our first pattern design and prop making workshop. Hope we can record it and upload it with subtitles. If you want to stay tuned, you can follow us on :facebook:Nebulaluben & Erikku-kun!
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We love Deviantart, we usually try to upload here our best pictures, we keep this organized and clean for you. We could say that DA is our serious portfolio. But, If you want to know more about us, about our cosplay curiosity, our work in progress, making offs, things we like, everyday fun stuff and other things we do, feel free to enter and take a look to our :facebook: fanpage.

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This is our way to say thanks to all of you who follow and support us!  We are giving away three Tekken Tag Tournament 2 press kits including two 20x30cm prints of my Zafina and Nina Williams cosplays. Enter here to participate.

RULES: Like, comment and share THE ORIGINAL FACEBOOK POST. Don't forget to leave a comment!!! (it's an easier way for us to count the participants).
Deadline: July 1st.
This is a worldwide give away

I want to specially thank Namco Bandai spanish friends for sending us this amazing and exclusive stuff and letting us share it with you guys. It includes:
- Tekken key-ring
- Press disc with images, trailers, etc.
- Character card (each box has one random character) .
- Poster.
- Fighter pass.
- Letter from Mishima Heihachi inviting you to the tournament. It's super awesome!! (The only con is that it's in spanish. But Imagine he is inviting Miguel!!!)
- And our prints!

Good luck!
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I think this is one of the things I enjoy the most at conventions: making music videos and funny things. I appear as Lilith in 0:55 and as Shepard with our Mass Effect group at 1:27 :D 

*For those who aren't able to watch it due to regional restrictions, you can watch it here on Vimeo

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Here I go again. I'm participating in the 2013 Otaku House Cosplay Idol contest. I signed in the contest encouraged by the surprising place I achieved last year.
I had serious doubts about which costume to submit. I was doubting between Skarlet (boobs) and Tali (craftmanship) and I finally submitted Tali as I think maybe it's not so eye catching but it's one of the costumes we've put more effort on and one of the most accurate we've made. Yes, I'll never learn XD So I'll be very grateful if you spend a little time voting for me ♥

Enter here if you feel like voting!. Just click on the "like" and/or on the g+ button over the image :) You can also share it by clicking on the Twitter button.


Btw, I wanted to take this chance to tell you we've been very, very busy during last month. That's why we haven't uploaded almost any picture neither answered your kind comments. We've been making a difficult costume (at least, difficult for us) in collaboration with Infernum Productions Dragon's Phophet. We already made a fantastic photo shoot, but we can't publish anything until the producer lets us to do so. It has been such a costuming challenge for us! We are very excited and looking forward to showing you guys!
If you feel curious about this project, you can check out our WIP pictures in our Facebook page
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Jesús Clares and I just opened a store with our photography prints. Hope you like them and use them to decorate your room :heart: Enter here:

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Another fantastic video recorded by El Niño Mutante at the last Japan Weekend convention in Madrid. We appear wearing our Borderlands 2 costumes in the minute 2:10 (and we beat the Lynchwood Sheriff up XD).

*They didn't let Erik (Zer0) enter the con with his sword, that's why it doesn't appear in the video :(
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About two weeks ago El Niño Mutante asked us to make a cosplay video beccause he wanted to try his new steady cam device. We (:iconivettepuig:, :iconzihark-cosplay:, :iconthelematherion: and I) agreed immediately!! I took the chance to wear my Eliza Cassan from deus Ex Human Revolution cosplay as it's my favourite one and I also appear as Skarlet because I was very excited Thelema was going to wear her Kitana costume :heart:
We recorded this at El Retiro in Madrid during a freezing cold but beautiful day.
It came out an amazing video. I'm so happy and grateful I could be part of this. Hope you like it.


There are more videos to come. He also recorded us wearing our Borderlands 2 costumes at the con days after and a lot more cosplayers! yay!!
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Before and After

Tue Oct 23, 2012, 3:20 PM
Today I want to share with you some  of the pictures Hidrico :iconhidrico: took of my costumes. I really love his style, I think he is a fantastic editor. He creates wonderful images, gives them a special enviroment and aesthetics.
I just wanted to show you some of our "before and after" pictures so you can see  our  work as cosmakers and his work as photographer and editor separately ^^

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Otaku House Cosplay Idol contest

Wed Sep 5, 2012, 8:19 AM
Months ago I entered this contest and the first round is about to finish! I'll be very grateful if you vote for me :heart:
This is the picture I submitted. You only have to enter this… and give it a facebook "like" (or g+, pinterest, twitter...) right over the pic.


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Featured on Nintendo Gamer

Tue Aug 14, 2012, 8:37 AM
I'm so happy! This month I appear on Nintendo Gamer magazine with my  OOE and CJ Shanoa costumes. I'm very excited about this because Shanoa (OOE) was my very first costume and I'm very fond of it. It brings me a lot of good memories :heart:

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Japan Expo 2012 COSPLAY VIDEO 1-X

Sat Jul 14, 2012, 5:47 AM
We attended the Japan Expo con last weekend for the first time in our life, and we were able to meet Omaru (thanks to :iconshoko-cosplay:. btw, you MUST see her Hilde costume. It's so lovely). He was very kind to us and he recorded us in our Borderlands costumes *__* So check out this fantastic video full of great cosplayers... and us XD (We appear in 0:31)


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